How to Pull Off Guerilla Marketing

MarketingGuerilla marketing is an effective way of spreading the news about a certain small business venture. This is embraced by a lot of business owners who have been struggling to make a name out of scratch. Yet, the risk is said to be present.

This marketing strategy is a sure hit once success comes as a success, however, once it hits the low note it can be a very disappointing step. In fact, it may even leave your business on the state of getting ditched.

With all the things said, it is just right to say that guerilla marketing is not for the frail hearted but for those who can take risks. This unconventional step might even leave a memorable mark on consumer’s eyes if the campaign goes to a success.

If you would consider yourself a risk taker, you may get hold of this marketing strategy. However, there are just some simple things that you need to bear in mind before taking the risk. Here are the most important ones that you may find useful.

Set Clear Objectives

Before jumping into the idea of starting a guerilla marketing campaign, there is a need for you to set clear goals inside your mind. Setting goals will only leave you on the right track as you have that specific thing to look forward to. During the times when you may seem to feel failure coming, you can just go back to your objectives to raise your spirits higher.

Another thing about setting objectives is that it allows you to be guided on the right guerilla marketing strategy to take. The campaign should just be made to reach specific goals.

Know Your Target Population

Guerilla marketing is said to be a trial and error process. There is no guarantee that you will succeed by just following the strategy, yet, there is that one thing that will really put you on the safe side – knowing your target population.

Once you have the idea of your target population, you can easily pick the strategy that will suit them best. Marketing strategies are not just for show but rather should tap the people that you are targeting to avail of your products and services. This is why it is so important to determine your targets first to design the techniques effectively.

Always be Prepared

There is a great deal over getting prepared too. Since there is a chance for failure, you should understand that marketing is truly a game of trial and error. You should also be armed with another plan to try again after each failed attempt.


It is a risk to take guerilla marketing into the picture. Its name even implies that risky idea. However, once this risky step grounds to a success, you will surely get a lot in terms of sales and customers. There is just that mark of success and failure, there is nothing in between. This is why everything should just be done in a meticulous manner to make sure that your attempt will land to a success.

Top 3 Online Sports Marketing Ideas

Promoting your favorite sports or team online is one of the most challenging things to do. It requires a great deal of patience since it takes time to reach the right audience. If you have just been tasked with promoting a team or sport online, try to apply the following strategies:

Viral Videos

If you would like to make your social media posts to go viral, then you need to add videos and pictures. Unknown to a majority of novice social media marketers is that viral videos are the best tools to use if you would like to promote your favorite team. Viral videos will not only allow millions of people to learn more about your team, but accumulate millions of fans in a relatively short period of time.

One of the reasons why viral videos are popular is because they create a personal connection with your audience. However, in order for your video to go viral, you need to do it right. You need to be tactful when trying to show the world the goofiness or genuineness of your players as well as management. When it comes to creating viral videos, YouTube is the best platform to use.


The conventional theory of ‘spending a little to earn more’ is not in vain when it comes to marketing your team online. Sacrificing a couple of tickets to a game will not hurt your revenue collection. If you are finding it hard to fill a stadium, start by giving free tickets in order to encourage people to attend the games.

Viral Videos

Encouraging your players to join various social media sites can also do justice to your team. When players are on social media, they:

–          Help to promote the image of the team.

–          Help to encourage people to attend games.

Lessons Learned from Failed Marketing Campaigns


Not all marketing campaigns launched by companies for their products always turn out a success. In fact, even the most popular companies nowadays experience failure in their marketing campaigns. But, if you are also promoting your business, it is important to look at these failures positively and learn a variety of lessons from these failed marketing campaigns.

Be responsible to monitor your campaigns. In other words, even if you have big trust on your advertising agency, it is still your company image that is on the line so you must be responsible enough to check whether the ad agency is doing the job well or not. This is exactly what happened to Coca Cola. Since they trusted the ad agency in everything, they failed to check whether the ad is good or not.

Be responsible enough to check the message conveyed by the ad if it really goes well with what you claim your product can do or give. In other words, even if you have to exaggerate a little, make sure that your product can live up to your claims presented by your campaign.

reebok-failBan offensive slogan. This happened to Rebook already since they launched a campaign that has offensive slogan. Make sure that the slogan for your campaigns is creative but not offensive. As a tip, you can be creative without being offensive.

Be cautious about your humor approach. If you are trying to tickle the audience by launching a humor campaign, make sure that you are very cautious enough not to offend a certain group, ethnicity, race, etc. Sometimes, when certain groups are offended, your supposed-to-be funny slogan or campaign could turn out a flop. In other words, make sure you are serving purely humorous campaigns without traces of racism, discrimination, etc. just like what happened to Groupon’s campaign.

Move forward. The most important lesson learned from failed marketing campaigns is to move forward and do not dwell on these failures all the time. In other words, you have to be inspired by the failed marketing campaign of some big companies because even if they experienced failure, they are still able to get their feet right back on track.

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Top 3 Most Memorable Marketing Campaigns In Our Time

Watching television exposes you to many different marketing campaigns of various products and companies. There is no doubt that the audience does get entertained by these campaigns but among the many different marketing campaigns, there are only a few that retains in the memory of the people.


The Coca Cola Marketing Campaign. There is no denying how entertaining Coca Cola’s marketing campaigns are. From their ordinary campaigns and most especially to their Christmas campaigns, the company is known to get their message across to the audience in such an entertaining and inspiring way that it never leaves the memory of the people easily. This is the most memorable because their campaigns always garner thousands of positive feedbacks from the people.


The Proctor and Gamble Old Spice Marketing Campaign. The Old Spice marketing campaign by Proctor and Gamble has garnered millions of Youtube views because many loved the campaign so much. This is not only because of the slogan “The Man your Man Could Smell Like” but also because of the cool effects they used that truly retained in the memory of the people such as how the man from the bathroom suddenly was on the boat and from the boat to the horse. There is no doubt the campaign amazed a lot of viewers.


The Evian Water Marketing Campaign. The smile and laughter that this marketing campaign gave to the viewers are reasons enough why the Evian water marketing campaign is one of the most memorable marketing campaigns ever. It is amazing how skaters can actually do their skating techniques well but what amazes most viewers about the Evian skaters is because they are babies. The marketing campaign sure tickled the senses of the viewers which is why it is not a surprise that this campaign has garnered massive downloads.